Hey guys. KaiserLos here. It's been almost a year since I've been to the wiki, eh? Well, I just happened to stumble upon this little article. And I wanted to post my thoughts about it. So what better place than the Monster Hunter Wiki? 

I'm sure most of you have received word that Monster Hunter would have a movie adaptation some time in the distant future. ANd said movie would be directed by the same guy who directed the Resident Evil movie adapations: Paul W.S. Anderson.

"Recently, I've been loving Monster Hunter."

"A film conversion is currently in planning."

The two quotes above were derived from an interview with Cinema Today and Anderson. After reading this, a lot of thoughts have been swarming my brain. Will the move do MH some justice? Who'll be the actors/actresses? Would it be any good? And a lot more.

You see, the secret to making a movie based off a video game a success is that the viewer of the movie would have that certain "feel" that reminds him of the game the movie is based off. If you're gonna watch; let's say, a Metal Gear Solid movie. That same feeling you get when playing an MGS gameshould be felt when watchiung the movie. It should have the same concepts that the game had.

But what about people who never playted the games or aren't into gaming? Well, that's their problem I guess.

Anothing factor is that the movie should follow the game's storyline (If it has any) A lot of you say that Monster Hunter wouldn't make a good movie because it doesn't have a story-line. Well, that's exactly the beauty of it. Writers can come up with their own storues, as long as it is still based off the game entirely (No modernized weapons. No mounts. etc.)

What are your thoughts about this?

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