Wew, haven't been in thw wiki for a while eh? Well, here's a shocking truth while surfing the net. Taken from the Marvel es Capcom Wki:

...characters from the following Capcom series: Breath of Fire/&nbsp God Hand/&nbsp Lost Planet/&nbsp Monster Hunter (At the request of their developers) Onimusha/&nbsp Power Stone/&nbsp Red Earth/&nbsp Rival Schools/&nbsp Sengoku Basara/&nbsp Three Wonders &nbsp will not be playable, but it is possible that they will make stage and ending cameo appearances.

See the words in bold? Yeah. The developers of MH wanted a character from their series to star in Marvel vs Capcom 3, a famous fighting game for the PS3 and the Xbox360. But somehow, the turned down the request (insert complain here)

And I was thinking...If there WAS a character in MVC3 from Monster Hunter, there would be 2 questions to raise:

1. Who would be that character? and...

2. How would it fight?

I want your opinions on this. What are the attacks? Hyper Combos? Alternate Costumes? Etc.

Plus, There's the new Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Which has new Stages and Characters. The roster has already been confirmed, and MH ain't in. But It is possible there will be a new Download Character. Maybe from MH? Who knows!

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