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HypnoHunter1220's request: Ichtriyana

Here it is. The bird-wyvern you told me to draw. I think it came out ok, i guess.

Bird wyvern...

Here is what HypnoHunter1220 told me:

"A large Bird Wyvern with striking plumage. Everything about it resembles Qurupeco, even the tail, but it is much bigger, has a normal beak and no throat sac. It has a broad wingspan that can spread wind strongly. It has 2 fine feathers growing outwards and backwards from its mandible, reminiscent of a beard. Commonly seen in swamps and wetlands. Very strong legs." What do you think?

-I followed the 2 fine feathers on its mandible bit and the broadened wing span.

-But the tail, well, i find Quru's tail friggin' fugly. So I just followed its concept, which is that the tail opens up in rage. And it is in rage in my drawing.

-I added small claws on its wings. The wing claws are mainly for digging up food and rarely for attacking.

- I added mane on its neck, but its actually feathers. This is more prominent in males.

I hope you like it. Comments are appreciated. And if you have a request go to this link:

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