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CountJoe1's request: Rynorekku

Behold the Rynorekku. Sorry if its a bit messy, some douchebag stepped on it.

sorry if its kinda messy and stuff...

So this is what CountJoe1 told me:

"OK I'll test your metal. I would love to see a Rhinoceros based Brute Wyvern, Simply because the idea of a Rhino-rex just has awesome written all over it. Of course I expect more than just a T-rex with a Rhino head on it. Make it like a Doboruberruku cousin- Herbivorous yet ferocious. If you accept, I will be much obliged. Oh and as for a name ummmmmm.......Rynorekku"

- Of course, the deadliest and most noticeable feature is the giant horn. Males mostly use for fighting other males and to show superiority to the other Rynorekku.

- Its diet consists of plant life, wood and rock/ore. It has very dtrong teeth, being able to crush rocks.

- In comparison, its arms are more developed than other brute wyverns, but still has not much use.

- Has very strong legs, being able to carry its enormous weight and run very fast.

-It has armor plates on its back, these grow with age.

- The scales on its upper body are extremely tough, as tough as Gravios hide.

-Head can be broken twice, tail can be broken and severed.

I hope you like it. Comments are appreciated. And if you have a request go to this link:

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