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  • KaiserLos

    Hey guys. KaiserLos here. It's been almost a year since I've been to the wiki, eh? Well, I just happened to stumble upon this little article. And I wanted to post my thoughts about it. So what better place than the Monster Hunter Wiki? 

    I'm sure most of you have received word that Monster Hunter would have a movie adaptation some time in the distant future. ANd said movie would be directed by the same guy who directed the Resident Evil movie adapations: Paul W.S. Anderson.

    "Recently, I've been loving Monster Hunter."

    "A film conversion is currently in planning."

    The two quotes above were derived from an interview with Cinema Today and Anderson. After reading this, a lot of thoughts have been swarming my brain. Will the move do MH some justice?…

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  • KaiserLos

    Hello my good people of the wiki. Some of you may recognize me. But most of you don't. But I don't care :D Anyways, I'm KaiserLos. One of the oldest members around (I think e.e )

    I don't know if you guys have heard of this new game for the 3DS. It's called Project X Zone. A strategy RPG. It's a crossover between Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega.

    There is no confirmation of an English version as of now. Heck it hasn't even been released yet. But that is the beauty of it. The game is said to have over 200 characters; playable and Assis NPC's. Here's a video.

    The fact that it hasn't been released yet means there will be more announcements to come (Lol like it isn't obvious already). Only a smal portion of the said characters were revealed. Not even…

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  • KaiserLos

    MH for Marvel vs Capcom?

    August 24, 2011 by KaiserLos

    Wew, haven't been in thw wiki for a while eh? Well, here's a shocking truth while surfing the net. Taken from the Marvel es Capcom Wki:

    ...characters from the following Capcom series: Breath of Fire/&nbsp God Hand/&nbsp Lost Planet/&nbsp Monster Hunter (At the request of their developers) Onimusha/&nbsp Power Stone/&nbsp Red Earth/&nbsp Rival Schools/&nbsp Sengoku Basara/&nbsp Three Wonders &nbsp will not be playable, but it is possible that they will make stage and ending cameo appearances.

    See the words in bold? Yeah. The developers of MH wanted a character from their series to star in Marvel vs Capcom 3, a famous fighting game for the PS3 and the Xbox360. But somehow, the turned down the request (insert complain here)

    And I was thinking...…

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  • KaiserLos

    Yes it is. Universal Studios and Capcom joined forces and decided to make a full-scale Yukomo village! This event will be held at Universal Studios at osaka Japan at August 2, 2011 and will last until September 30, 2011. The revealed monsters are S. rathalos, Jinouga, Doboruberuku, and Black Tigrex.

    In studio 8 (I honestly don't know what Studio 8 is) will contain a complete replica of the whole Yukomo village, including the spa. Replicas of armor and weapons are there as well.

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  • KaiserLos

    Well, here is my entry. I think it came out pretty good. I mean, you can see it is a cute form might I say. I thought It'd be cuter if its thought-cloud had a heart in it.

    Hope You guys like it!

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