Happy to say that i have now completed the offline story mode :] althougth i did not like the ending i still thought it was a good story line [DONT WORRY THERE IS NO SPOILER HERE :) ]

Big thanks to all who helped me out couldnt have done the likes of the barroth and diablos without it (Y)

Im now starting to do some online play so if you want to join me then that will be very welcoming :) Message me on this and we can trade Wii I.D numbers and hopefully quest together. I'm currently HR 13 but i have all armor sets till barroth and i'm pretty god dam good with a Great Sword, Hammer and Long Sword i've got a Fire Water and Raw types of weapons in all GS Ham and LS :]

So yea.. big thanks to all those who helped me and if you aint done the offline yet then Good Luck and happy hunting...


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