• JusTSeaN

    Hunting Groups

    August 30, 2010 by JusTSeaN

    Hello everyone !

    might aswell get straight to the point.... i'm now HR 40 and on like everyday so i will be 50 in about a week :] and i've noticed that annoyingly! that i havent got anyone to play/hunt with that is good... so basically what am saying is, is there any hunting groups out there that need another player? prefer if you could also help me with gathering materials for armor aswell :]

    Thanks !


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  • JusTSeaN

    Happy to say that i have now completed the offline story mode :] althougth i did not like the ending i still thought it was a good story line [DONT WORRY THERE IS NO SPOILER HERE :) ]

    Big thanks to all who helped me out couldnt have done the likes of the barroth and diablos without it (Y)

    Im now starting to do some online play so if you want to join me then that will be very welcoming :) Message me on this and we can trade Wii I.D numbers and hopefully quest together. I'm currently HR 13 but i have all armor sets till barroth and i'm pretty god dam good with a Great Sword, Hammer and Long Sword i've got a Fire Water and Raw types of weapons in all GS Ham and LS :]

    So yea.. big thanks to all those who helped me and if you aint done the offline…

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  • JusTSeaN


    July 16, 2010 by JusTSeaN

    Right... Monster Hunter Tri.... very simple game i thought when i started, then i saw the Lag... downed it [to be honest] easy, and then the Diablos. And in all the previous games for ps2 and psp ect i have never tried to beat him, and now that i need to i CANT ! anyone know a guide i can use to help me kill him and the Barios [not sure if that is the right name i will have to check, its the white lion sort of thing with 2 big teeth and really annoying counter attack moves].

    so yer... before i get carried away :\

    does anyone know of good tactics and ok armor & weapons i should use to defeat either of them, but ofc not using the Diablos armor because i cant get it :P

    Along the lines of:







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  • JusTSeaN

    Rathian Plate

    May 19, 2010 by JusTSeaN

    2nd time making blog :] got no idea if am even using it for the right thing......


    anyone know how to get a rathian plate ? i have killed the rathian AT LEAST 6 times, and still aint got one :S whats up with it ? any tipes on getting it ? and what does it mean by, Rathian High Rank how do i know if it is HIGH RANK ?

    Many Thanks,


    if anyone wants to do some online quests with me then add my e-mail address and then i will give you my wii number and ect :] ATM i am HR 10 i believe :S


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  • JusTSeaN


    May 10, 2010 by JusTSeaN

    Ok, am kinda new to making 'BLOGS' so i have no idea weather am using this for the right thing but here it goes :P

    I've just made the weapon 'Vulcanis' (Pretty nooby compared to other weapons i guess your thinking) and i just wanna know out of all the other weapons with the same 'design' which one gives me Praz / Poison attribute :]

    If you could, could you please re-message me back with the weapon tree, e.g. Buster sword -> Buster Sword+ but ofc the name of the weapons AFTER Vulcanis, and what 'Type' of weapon it is i.e. Sword / Great / LS / Ham / Lance.

    Sorry if this doesnt really make any sense but as i said, first time making one of these blogs :P



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