Title: Monster Hunter World

Platform: PS3, and of course PSP

Here are some of my basic retard idea:

* Ukanlos, Blangonga, Kirin, etc. can only found in Antartica

* Diablos, Monoblos, Tigrex, etc. can only found in Sahara Desert

* Rathalos, Rathian, Nargacuga, etc. can only found in Amazon Forest

* Fatalis, Lao Shan, Kushala, etc. can only found in Asian regions (its rather China or Japan) coz it is their mythical beast

ETC......ETC....ETC................ Oh and one last thing!!!

Quest: End of the World

Monster: ECLIPSE

Monster type: Wyvern??? Dragon??? whatsoever!!!

Region: I do not know exactly. Where can you find the mayans civilization????? that will be the place....

Description: The mayans believe that if the sun is covered by darkness, there is going to happen (some bad omen). Some people said that it is the moon that cover the light of the sun. But when i saw it for the very first time, it is true that the sun was covered by the moon. Wait!!! i saw something else..... OH FUCK!!!! THERE ARE WINGS!!!

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