I am not quite sure of the regulations the on this wiki, every one of my blog posts ahve been deleted even though they contain no offence to any group... Another Topic I would like to bring up is the reason that MHFU and other generations don't have a damage seperation.... For example Rathalos is weaker to water than dragon on MHFU, I know tri is the most updated game, but it would make sence to include everything on a wiki about the monster and also because I still see many people playing MHFU (Even though it has been credited that the US and EU don't play the game as often as JP). I don't know why my previous blog was deleted by lord loss, please leave your comments here. Also why would this wiki include information on Japanese only games like MHFO, it seems as if it is impossible to get it while in the US and I have tried installing it and doing many things to get it to work, but it failed.... Anyway, I wouldn't be suprised if this was deleted as well or if my user was banned, I would Just like an explaination to these questions.

MHFU damages vs Tri

File:Monster hunter portable 2nd g cuttingboss.png

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