aka Megumi's Future Boyfriend (...probably)

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  • Joeynator3000

    1. Tigrex: My Arch Nemisis, needs to die in a fire.

    2. Kirin: Everyone knows why.

    3. Seregios: Just gets on my nerves sometimes.

    4. Kushala Daora: FREAKING WIND BARRIER!!!

    5. Rajang: Same as Kirin.

    6. Seltas:Because he's annoying.

    7. Cephadrome: Because of that stupid...attack where he trips you then leaps out from underneath you.

    8. Najarala: Freakin' scales...

    9. Malfestio: Just putting him in here ahead of time. lol

    10: Kurumu Kurono: Quit teasing mah little Yukari!

    ...That is all. *goes to bed, lol*

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