Now before even trying this kill a the Tigrex all ready. This is fun and hard to do, i have seen it do before so it is possblie.

Items needed

all large bombs+

all large bombs

all small bombs+

all small bombs

2 trap tools

2 genprey fangs

portable shock trap


now with things ready to go you can have some fun!

Frist find the Tigrex and get a shock trap ready to go. Once you have found it put the shock trap on the ground, make it run at you. Once you got it caught in the trap put 2 larger bombs+ by boths its ears and then put a small bomb+ in its nose and run! Now put the genprey fang and trap tool toghter to make a........................shock trap ya! Do all this again and it will get mad so watch out. Do this one more time and the little guy will be running. Find him again and the rest up to you, he will be weak that a sword and shield will do good!

Have fun and if you die twice the quit this mission and try again. This is the end here, this is Morin and Joeg575, happy hunting!

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