Some things I noticed on the game...

  • Why do some like Pleasioth and Diablos Moon walk?
  • If they are called "impact weapons", why do they have sharpness meters?
  • Impact weapons bounce on a living blos wyverns head, but if a D. Hermitaur wears it, the skull breaks.
  • If there is a black Gravios, should there also be a black basarios? (same for Hermitaur and Plum D, Cenataur and Terra S.)
  • Shuold Dual swords have two sharpness meters? One for each blade?
  • A Gravios head is as big as Lance' shield right? But when a S. Cenataur wears its skull, its as big as Lao Shans??

(Same for D. Hermitaur)

  • Cenataurs spit poison. Why not S. Cenataurs?
  • Why are Cenataurs's Claw Sheild like when they should be shaped like blades like S. Cenataurs?

Who's got a logical explination?

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