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  • Jericho640

    Wierd stuff on MH

    April 9, 2010 by Jericho640

    Some things I noticed on the game...

    • Why do some like Pleasioth and Diablos Moon walk?
    • If they are called "impact weapons", why do they have sharpness meters?
    • Impact weapons bounce on a living blos wyverns head, but if a D. Hermitaur wears it, the skull breaks.
    • If there is a black Gravios, should there also be a black basarios? (same for Hermitaur and Plum D, Cenataur and Terra S.)
    • Shuold Dual swords have two sharpness meters? One for each blade?
    • A Gravios head is as big as Lance' shield right? But when a S. Cenataur wears its skull, its as big as Lao Shans??

    (Same for D. Hermitaur)

    • Cenataurs spit poison. Why not S. Cenataurs?
    • Why are Cenataurs's Claw Sheild like when they should be shaped like blades like S. Cenataurs?

    Who's got a logical explinat…

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  • Jericho640

    Under the Gypceros

    November 23, 2009 by Jericho640
    • To me, Gypceros is as irritating as ever, but staying under it gives alot of advantages. There, I can land plenty of charge attacks(Great Sword), Demon dance under it (Dual swords), and I can even plant a Pit Fall Trap RIGHT UNDER IT. It also gives me a chance to use healing items. I recommend to not do this always because sometimes it runs forward and starts lashing its tail, catching you off-guard. You will take minor damage when it stomps on you with its feet.
    • Fact: It it does the tail whip attack(turning around and hitting you with its tail), its like its actually looking for you when you are under it
    • You can use any item you want, including Pit Fall Traps
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