So guys, I have been thinking about some future ideas for MH. You can suggest anything, be it monsters, story, villages or items. Set your imagination free!

I will tell you some ideas I had for new monsters:

1 - Polambi. A monster related closely to Lagombi (hence the similar name). It inhabits areas with beaches, where it slides through water to catch fish and through rocky bluffs to escape predators. It is much more experienced in sliding than it´s Tundra-dwelling "sibling", and can slide in the water to create a wave to strike player.

2 - Grakinos. A monster whose name in Wyverian means "King of three worlds". This monster´s body has a special reaction to the sky itself, allowing it to literally turn invisible in the sky. Not only that, but this monster is very experienced in flying (putting Rathalos to shame) and can literally soar through the sky without flapping it´s wings once. On land, they use punches and Barioth-like moves to attack, and on water, they create twisters and can even absorbe water in their paws, before releasing it, creating a tsunami. This abilities make this monster live up to it´s title as "King of three worlds". However, this monster gets tired very easily and if it does not refresh it´s skin in the sea water, it will get dehydrated and more letargic as a result.

3 - Traggi. Small bird wyverns that spit eletricity. Their alphas are called Great Traggi and can be either male or female.

Don´t forget to share your ideas! :D 

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