haha i was looking at some of the asian websites for MHFO and i came across these awesome pictures,it just make me wonder why are they keeping it to themselves.I think they are being mean,this content is so cool!!!dont even get me started on the monsters * _ * someday i will play this and have it alll

here are some pictures,u see what i mean

_ ;
Great greatsword MHFO

awwww man look at the size of that!!! *0*

*sob sob*

this is extra longs greatword T . T i want one so bad

Kuma oguran longsword MHFO

this is weapon from two wolf monsters

Extra longsword MHFO

awwwwww T . T

this is extra longsword with tigrex/rajang armor *sob sob*

Extra long hammer


extra long hammer

MHFO bow

* _ *

special bow and arrow

MHFO rooms

awww cool look at that sword

i think this is hunters room

Randome MHFO

woooooo gang anitiation

MHFO random


Room MHFO random

wahhh this is so cool

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