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HEHEHE very rare

Ikki-bozu October 26, 2010 User blog:Ikki-bozu

ok so i just decided to try killing ceadeus with bowgun today not expecting a graet outcome i didnt film it,but oh was i wrong :D not only did i have success i got 1 deep dragon gem in rewards from round one...MAN I'M SO AWESOME hehe when i went for round two i didnt get anythin great in rewards infacte i only got 1 luminous organ and somthing else....not dis-heartend but proud of myself :D BUT THEN WAMMO!!!!i got back to town checked what chacha got me and a found a Deep Dragon Gem in his reward/carves ZOMG that is legendary.....that i filmed :D

anything like this happening is a miracle....too bad i dont need drgn gems anymore * 0 *


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