This video is a preview of Monster Hunter Frontier Online Season 9.0.

It shows the new area, Highland, and the new monster, Gurenzenburu "Grenzevle" and its moves.

The video clip also shows new moves from Hermitaur, Bright Hypnoc, Basarios, Teo, Orange Espinas, and Pariapuria on HardCore quests.

It also shows the new HR 300+ armors that will vary depending on your SP weapon....*0*

Thus, there are 11 different armor sets....11!!, naming them from birthstones (e.g. Garnet is SnS, Emerald for Hammer, Ruby for Lance, Lapis for Bow, etc)

I am so lost.....why are they doing this to us?; _ ;

ZOMG the length of that Teostras Flame throw!!!??? *0*


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