• Ikki-bozu


    November 12, 2010 by Ikki-bozu

    ok here is some screenshots from the new monster hunter freedom 3 trailer including the new stuff that made me drool *0* this stuff is so epic,capcom realy did good on this version cant wait to play

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  • Ikki-bozu

    ok so I live in sydney and i dont think I'll be able to do some of the G-rank quests alone,i was thinking if anyone who is pro and living in sydney wants to help i could really use it,

    we could meet at a libary or something...or a shop :D

    also same idea for when MHP3rd comes out

    let me know


    this game :D

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  • Ikki-bozu

    probably already commen knowlage but: giver lady springs

    3.lynians riding aptenoth

    4.hunter with hammer


    6.hunter cooking welldone steak




    10.royal ludroth



    13.great baggi

    14.great jaggi or jaggi


    16.not sure/maybe new

    17.agnaktor and uroktor




    correct me if im wrong

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  • Ikki-bozu

    HEHEHE very rare

    October 26, 2010 by Ikki-bozu

    ok so i just decided to try killing ceadeus with bowgun today not expecting a graet outcome i didnt film it,but oh was i wrong :D not only did i have success i got 1 deep dragon gem in rewards from round one...MAN I'M SO AWESOME hehe when i went for round two i didnt get anythin great in rewards infacte i only got 1 luminous organ and somthing else....not dis-heartend but proud of myself :D BUT THEN WAMMO!!!!i got back to town checked what chacha got me and a found a Deep Dragon Gem in his reward/carves ZOMG that is legendary.....that i filmed :D

    anything like this happening is a miracle....too bad i dont need drgn gems anymore * 0 *

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  • Ikki-bozu


    October 18, 2010 by Ikki-bozu

    ok this video pretty much shows all the extra weapon classes and some of the new attacks,i think bout half way it shows the Extra long GS which is so awesome....i like the voice over XD watch the whole this is totally worth it

    i know its long but yeh

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