• Ice-110
    • Where am I?

    I said to myself when I got up from the floor, I didn’t know where I was and how I got here, I didn’t even had my armor on, my head hurt but not so much that I couldn’t move. As I started to look around I was surrounded by many buildings that were half destroyed and cover in snow but there was no one around. The sky was a dark color red, with what appears to be black snow, well at least it felt like snow, coming from it. I finally put myself together and started to walk.

    • Hello, is anyone there?

    I didn’t get an answer, I keep walking in any direction to try and find the way out of this town but whit no success, I went in one of the buildings to try and get a better perceptions of the town, but when I got up… I didn’t like what I sa…

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  • Ice-110

    Love for Cha-Cha

    April 22, 2011 by Ice-110

    Cha-Cha is know for many things healing you, making you stronger, etc.but i notice something , well not something but an improvement on his part, he did something amazing, well here the story:

    we were fighting a rathalos in the volcano, i mange to destroy the head and a wing and i was working on the tail, after a bit of time past, i was corned in area 1, about to die when it hapend, i saw cha-cha jump and

    hit the tail of the rathalos wich them got severd . after that i fought a barioth in the middle of the quest i was sharpening my SNS, when i was doing so, cha-cha manage to not only destroy a wing but he also destroys the teeth and manage to takedown the barioth.

    and for that i made this to honor cha-cha for being the best companion ever.

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