There are moments in life that the only thing you can say is, well, WTF!!?? Here are some of those moments:

WTF!!?? Moments:

  • The time a Jho attacked a Peco and broke both its flints simultaneously.
  • The time a Copper Blangonga threw a rock so hard, it went THROUGH a column and hit me.
  • The time i first saw the mini Uragaan, underestimated it...... and got wupped.
  • The time i finally killed the Agnaktor.... and it fell into the lava (no carves).
  • The time we killed a Hi-rank Rathian, and the Deviljho instantly appeared (late for the party).
  • The time a finally killed the Lavasioth, noticed it had the plesioth's fins, carved a "Gendrome" hide from it, and realized........ it was a dream >(
  • The time the Lavasioth used the jump attack, and i dodged at the exact last nanosecond and didn't get hit >)
  • The time i killed a mini Kut-Ku (G rank), and it fell close to a wall in the area (couldn't carve...... again)
  • The 2000+ times bugs have ruined my should know what happened to them >)
  • The time a Red Khezu fell over -i didn't attack it, the cat was healing- and there was nothing in sight...................... except for a small hornetaur ( my reaction: 0_o)
  • The time a got a Lao Shan ruby!....... but didn't get any horns -_-.....

New additions coming soon!

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