Don't get me wrong, Unite is an outstanding game in the series. There are a bazillion monsters to kill, capture and mutilate to your hearts content, and there are many features that really gave Tri a run for its money. But there are also many things that really ticked me off, and i'm sure some of you feel the same. Here's my opinion on Unite:


1. Landscapes: A guy once said "graphics don't mean a thing". I totally agree with him; though Unite's graphics can't compare with Tri's, the landscapes were still truly breathtaking and numerous.

2. Content: Unite has a LOT of content in that tiny UMD, so you'll be pretty busy trying to get to G Rank and beyond.

3. Music: Though you'll need earphones to truly enjoy the music, it's well woth it.

4. Weapons: Weapon variety is a good feature in Unite, where you can use any and every weapon (except Axes).


1. Too many minions: The title says it all. Tri's minions can be annoying at times, but you'll still retain most of your sanity, the worst minion being (yep, you guessed it) Rhenoplos. However, Unite has such a variety of minions that, unless you normally play with friends, you'll be swearing and shouting a lot. Case in point: Bullfangos, Vespoids, Apceros, Cephalos, 'Preys, Shakalakas, Hermitaurs, Ceanataurs, etc.

2. Too many equipment: Tri didn't have as much variety in equipment a Unite, but most of the armors and weapons were still pretty good. In Unite, however, it is completely the opposite; most of the armors are.......shall we say.... pathetic in all senses of the word (bad design, bad skills, etc.). Weapons are the same, were most just aren't cut for the job.

3. Monster attacks and hitboxes: How in blue blazes can Monoblos hit me with its tail when i'm standing directly under him, well away from its tail!? Hitboxes in Unite really tick me off. And don't get me started on Plesioth...

There is one thing that concerns both of the games, which is the multiplayer. I'm sure Capcom has good reasons for not being able to add internet play on Unite (how a PSP can connect to another still puzzles me). Tri dealed with this problem easily, and i am grateful it does so.

Also, i still don't understand why Hunting Horns, which are the most supportive weapons in MH, werent put in Tri, were you can easily connect with players online.

Feel free to write your opinions on this.

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