A close look at an Ibirumatus's body and tail

Thanks to new research, we have attained more information about the Ibirumatus, a Brute Wyvern closely related to the Ibirujo. It's relationship to the dreaded Deviljho is under debate; some believe it to be a Subspecies, while others suggest it is a whole new addition to the Brute Wyverns. Either way, they both share some exclusive traits: Both creatures have a high metabolism and, in consecuence, high body heat, and so they must eat constantly. However, Ibirumatus can go for longer periods of time without sustenance. Both Brutes have tremendous strenght, although Deviljho have comparatively more power than Ibirumatus.

Ibirumatus is much smaller than most Brutes, some specimens reaching the size of Barroth. As such, it is quicker on its feet. Relatively docile, they hold catastrophic battles with each other from time to time, though much less often than Deviljho. Its back is as rugged as rock, possibly used for defense against air-borne attacks. Its tail is covered with numerous plates, useful for self-defense. The tail is strong and firm and cannot be cut by any means, though it can be wounded. Ibirumatus have special organs that produce a slightly flammabel powder, nullified whilst in its normal state. However, when enraged, the high body temperatures inside its body allow it to spew flames at foes.

Always forwards, Science Team

Just a revamped version of my drawing, which sucked.

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