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I've noticed a few things in Tri that make references to other video games and/or movies. Here are the few that i've found:

  1. The Legend of Zelda (video-game franchise) : When you're trading with the Argosy captain, a menu will appear. At the top of the menu, you will notice a weighing scale with 2 items: a fang/claw/horn icon in one pan, and the 'Triforce' on the other.
  2. The Goonies (film) : When you're about to hunt the Ceadeus, the Moga guild clerk will give you an inspiring speech, and the phrase "Mogies never say die", a reference to the Goonies ("Goonies never say die").
  3. Star Wars (film) : When you leave on a quest at Moga, the guild clerk will sometimes say "May the Moga be with you", a reference to Ben-Kenobi's famous phrase "May the Force be with you".

Yeah, it's a litlle short, but i just had to post it. Please bear with me ;)

Although if you've found more references, please add them in the comments. I would be very grateful.

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