I've noticed quite a few stuff in MH regarding one's personality (i.e. trolls, noobs, etc.). There is an old saying: "You are what you eat". Ah, but there's another, non-frequently used saying: "You are what you wear". I will explain my findings and opinions:

Armor sets - Personality:

1. Rathian armor - Friendly, docile, good players

2. Lagiacrus armor - Full of themselves, but are good players

3. Agnaktor - Strong willed, eager

4. Gobul - Maybe a little noobish (most)

5. Alatreon - The "best of the best" (so to speak), and relatively troll-ish

6. Rathalos - Cool

7. Deviljho - Cool and funny

8. Uragaan - Buff and tuff

9. Ceadeus - Cocky, powerful players, but relatively troll-ish (there are exceptions...)

10. Every armor left (with the exception of Barioth and Dober set) - Somewhat humble and/or noobish

11. No armor - Silent and noobish

12. Mixed armors (regarding skills) - For the most part, pretty good players, (other traits depend on the armors mixed)

13. Mixed armors (not regarding skills) - Silent, somewhat noobish

14. Qurupeco - Not the very best, but are good team players

This is only opinions based on some observations. If something troubles you, or you agree with something, please comment.

Other stuff regarding armors:

1. While fighting Jhen, a guy wearing Gobul set threw a flash bomb at Jhen's face.

2. Once, i made a Jho room (when i was still new to him) and a guy wearin' Lagia set came and joined me and some friends. "Wow, this guy must have a better advantage than me, since i wear Rathian set; not very good Dragon resistance" i thought. Couple of minutes into the fight, 2 people had died, and not one of them was me.

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