Eh, i told you i'd try my best, so here ya' go:




“Leviathans inhabiting the shallow seas around the Mizuumi Village, close to the Moga Archipelago. Similar in size to the Lagiacrus, with which it competes for food. This creature is adorned with a prominent horn on its head and numerous spines that grow along its back. It has evolved a large tail that allows it to move quickly underwater; it can also use its tail to slam unwary hunters. The plates on its belly allow it to slide effectively through sand and earth, making it formidable in land as well. Able to fire highly pressurized water at any intruder.”


  • Aside from the normal Leviathan atacks, it can rear up and fire a beam of water in your direction, even if you're far away.
  • It will turn its back on you and slam its tail in your direction.
  • It will slide on its belly towards you (a mix between Leviathan and Piscine slide attack), then stop and swing its tail.
  • Moves almost as quick as R. Ludroth underwater.
  • Head, front legs, back and tail can be wounded.
  • It can be seen in the shores of the new Island as well as the in-land lakes. Also seldom spotted in the Flooded Forest.

More about the new village...

The Mizuumi Village is located in an archipelago near Moga. It is characterized by having many, small atolls around one large island, all of which can be visited easily, provided the many leviathans in the area (including R. Ludroth, Lagiacrus, Ekoronesus and Megascopus, though there may be more) do not attack you. Thanks to this wide variety of sea monsters, the island's are often entitled "Domain of the Leviathans". The main island is characterized by beaches, large density of vegetation in some areas, and many inland lakes and rivers. Said bodies of water have eroded the earth for years, leading them to become just deep enough for large Leviathans like Ekoronesus to live in them. Some of the rivers can lead to underground cave systems, where Ekoronesus are said to rest and raise young. Wyverns sometimes visit the islands for rest, although there are small populations of herbivores which can also serve as sustenance. However, fish around the shallow shores of the islands are the true resource.

Any details i might have left out? It is still pretty early...

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