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  • HypnoHunter1220
    Thanks to new research, we have attained more information about the Ibirumatus, a Brute Wyvern closely related to the Ibirujo. It's relationship to the dreaded Deviljho is under debate; some believe it to be a Subspecies, while others suggest it is a whole new addition to the Brute Wyverns. Either way, they both share some exclusive traits: Both creatures have a high metabolism and, in consecuence, high body heat, and so they must eat constantly. However, Ibirumatus can go for longer periods of time without sustenance. Both Brutes have tremendous strenght, although Deviljho have comparatively more power than Ibirumatus.

    Ibirumatus is much smaller than most Brutes, some specimens reaching the size of Barroth. As such, it is quicker on its fe…

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  • HypnoHunter1220

    Eh, i told you i'd try my best, so here ya' go:

    “Leviathans inhabiting the shallow seas around the Mizuumi Village, close to the Moga Archipelago. Similar in size to the Lagiacrus, with which it competes for food. This creature is adorned with a prominent horn on its head and numerous spines that grow along its back. It has evolved a large tail that allows it to move quickly underwater; it can also use its tail to slam unwary hunters. The plates on its belly allow it to slide effectively through sand and earth, making it formidable in land as well. Able to fire highly pressurized water at any intruder.”


    • Aside from the normal Leviathan atacks, it can rear up and fire a beam of water in your direction, even if you're far away.
    • It will turn…

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  • HypnoHunter1220

    After finally reading all of PurpleIsGood's "Tears for the Fallen", i developed an eye for detail. I managed to add more details to my story (not that much of a difference, but it may help clear up questions and/or errors. Enjoy the full story. Remastered.

    Chapter 1: The very beginning

    "Dad, hey Dad, do you think there's life out there in the big blue sky?" asked the little boy.

    "Hmm, I don't know son, but it would be quite interesting to find out" replied the man. Yep, i remember that conversation. It was night in the Moga woods. The young boy, 8 years old, was energetic, and had a wide imagination. The man was strong willed, and although he was racking up the years, he could still pull off hard labor.

    "Dad, when i grow up, I want to go out t…

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  • HypnoHunter1220

    After completely reading through PurpleIsGood's "Tears for the Fallen", i developed an eye for detail. I managed to add more details to my story then ever before (not that much of a difference, but it might clear up questions and errors). Enjoy both of the "Spem Habe" season's. Remastered.

    To any admin or mod (or whoever's in charge) reading this:

    You can delete this blog. I accidentally posted it twice, so delete away!

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  • HypnoHunter1220

    Powerful Brute Wyverns related to the Ibirujo (A.K.A. Deviljho). Very small for a Brute, it resembles Barroth in movement, though it is much stronger. Their hide is incredibly sturdy for their size, hunters needing blue sharpness to fully hit its body. Its long tail cannot be cut; it's covered with plate-like scales which somehow prevent the full extrication of the tail, though it can be damaged. Like the Deviljho, its high body heat tampers with its metabolism, so it must eat almost constantly. However, this body heat can also be used to its advantage; when enraged, Ibirumatus are able to spew flames from its mouth. Its breath is almost putrid. Attacks include Hip-checks, bites, stomps, tail whips, spewing & spraying Fire, etc.

    Level: 4*


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