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My Monster Hunting

My first monster hunting experience was on MHF2. I was a real noob of the game but I felt great playing it with my bone cris. LOL. I was hunting down Popos, hacking at Antekas and slicing through Giaprey. Until I came face to face with the dreaded...GIADROME!

Now i know this is one of the easiet bosses in the game but at the time this was a real milestone. The first time i was given the urgent 1 star quest i decided to get my best equipment, so i got my Mafomu Armor at the ready (so i didn't need any hot drinks) and headed up towards the mountain armed with dual bone swords+.

I had about 3 potions at the ready but only 1 ration (i think). I didn't have paintballs but i didn't really need them anyway. I watched the Giadrome's intro and then got into the battle!

I went straight for him, testing for the best strategy against him. I managed to get a few hits on him and made him flinch a few times but what kept on annoying me was his constant claws and bites he used against me. But they didn't take out too much health so i didn't worry about them. I was doing quite well, until a giarey jumped on me! I got up ready for revenge and attacked all the giaprey so they wouldn't disturb me. But when i was killing the second Giaprey, the Giadrome spat a huge iceball at me and made me have a huge iceicle on my back! That slowed me down big time. But the Giadrome soon jumped on me and broke the ice.

After all the Giaprey were dead I focused back on the Giadrome using a potion to regain my health. I hacked at it more until it fled into the area full of Blangos. And that just made matter worse! I had to get rid of them first and then i continued my assualt on the Giadrome and then with a final O attack on the PSP i defeated it. I managed not to die once (which wasn't very hard) and still 2 potions spare. This really marked a true step in my Monster Hunting experience and from then on i moved onto two star quests...

To be Continued...

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