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    My Monster Hunting

    November 4, 2009 by Hunter Morg

    My Monster Hunting

    My first monster hunting experience was on MHF2. I was a real noob of the game but I felt great playing it with my bone cris. LOL. I was hunting down Popos, hacking at Antekas and slicing through Giaprey. Until I came face to face with the dreaded...GIADROME!

    Now i know this is one of the easiet bosses in the game but at the time this was a real milestone. The first time i was given the urgent 1 star quest i decided to get my best equipment, so i got my Mafomu Armor at the ready (so i didn't need any hot drinks) and headed up towards the mountain armed with dual bone swords+.

    I had about 3 potions at the ready but only 1 ration (i think). I didn't have paintballs but i didn't really need them anyway. I watched the Giadrome'…

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