Later this year, Monster Hunter fever is bound to hit Japan once more. To keep the game fresh for veteran hunters, Capcom is giving almost every weapon in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd something new in its attack arsenal.

Below are the changes as detailed in the latest Famitsu issue. Most of them have to do with the new monster stamina concept in the game.

  • Sword & Shield - You can now hit monsters with your shield to deplete their stamina. New combos have also been added.
  • Dual Sword - Devil Dance is now Devil Dance Advance, which has upgraded offensive and defensive power. Devil Dance Advance also opens up new combo possibilities and allows for faster dodging.
  • Great Sword - You can now hit monsters with a horizontal slash using the side of the blade to deplete their stamina.
  • Long Sword - Lateral movement is now possible while slashing with the long sword. When the spirit gauge is full, its attack power increases in stages, with stage four being the highest.
  • Slash Axe - You can now attach bottles to the slash axe while in sword mode to add status effects to your attacks. New bottles in MHP3rd include poison and one for stamina reduction.
  • Hammer - Most hammer attacks will reduce monster stamina.
  • Hunting Horn - The recital system is being revamped with a new look and a chance to score successful attacks that earn you notes to play the same tune again. Extra moves like direct hits from above can also deplete monster stamina.
  • Lance - You can now move forward while defending with the lance. This can be combined with a shield attack for confronting charging monsters. Counterattack moves are also being revamped.
  • Gun Lance - Gun lances can now be reloaded immediately after firing. Reloading can also be chained with an upwards attack to set-up a full salvo that uses up all your loaded bullets.
  • Light Bowgun - This weapon seems to have the fewest upgrades.
  • Heavy Bowgun - You can now kneel and shoot while using a heavy bowgun to fire in quick succession.
  • Bow - A new curve shot allows you to shoot from higher ground. New bottles also add more status effects like reducing monster stamina.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd hits Japan later this year.


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