aka Siebe

  • I live in Holland
  • I was born on November 3
  • My occupation is Waiter
  • I am Male
  • HunterSiebe


    January 1, 2011 by HunterSiebe
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  • HunterSiebe

    Later this year, Monster Hunter fever is bound to hit Japan once more. To keep the game fresh for veteran hunters, Capcom is giving almost every weapon in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd something new in its attack arsenal.

    Below are the changes as detailed in the latest Famitsu issue. Most of them have to do with the new monster stamina concept in the game.

    • Sword & Shield - You can now hit monsters with your shield to deplete their stamina. New combos have also been added.
    • Dual Sword - Devil Dance is now Devil Dance Advance, which has upgraded offensive and defensive power. Devil Dance Advance also opens up new combo possibilities and allows for faster dodging.
    • Great Sword - You can now hit monsters with a horizontal slash using the side of the b…

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  • HunterSiebe

    4* Tigrex

    August 12, 2010 by HunterSiebe

    Killed my first 4* Tigrex today, was harder than the village elder although i killed it before it could run to Map 3, used 2 potions, 4 mega potions and a Large Demondrug.

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  • HunterSiebe


    July 9, 2009 by HunterSiebe

    I got my Monster Bone+ And now i got full Garuga armor for blademaster and gunner!

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  • HunterSiebe

    Yesterday Night

    July 5, 2009 by HunterSiebe

    I defeated the freakin easy Blangonga and now i can do 4-star quests at the village elder, oh and i became HR 2 too!

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