Hey guys, I'm one of the new members of this wiki, HunterJohn64th! I joined this wiki last year, on December 28, 3 days after Christmas. This is my very 1st blog people, so please if there's anything wrong with this blog or what I'm doing is wrong and all that, just let me know! Even though I've visited this wiki years before I became a member, I'm still not familiar with making blogs, so again let me know if there's a problem!

Anyway, as the title suggests, this blog is about a poem I just made yesterday, which is about MH. The story of me making it is kinda long, so I'll just summarize it for you: This was a project for my Literature class; our teacher told us to make a poem about any topic we choose. I chose MH cuz I had no other topics in mind that I knew as much as what I knew of MH (I know quite a lot cuz of the years I've spent playing MH). So anyway this is my poem of Monster Hunter, and yes, I know, the title is catchy XD.

"Monster Hunter"

"Hunt or be hunted was always the rule,

in a world where monsters live free and reign.

We struggle to survive, and so we duel,

against nature's wrath in an endless game.

The beasts are different to our own eyes,

yet they are all terrors in their own right.

Others hide in fear when they hear their cries,

but we never cower against their might.

When we hear the call, we will take up arms

to protect our homes and all we treasure.

No matter the odds, no matter the harm,

our courage and strength will always endure.

       To many we are known as the Hunters;

       the ones who bring peace and hunt the Monsters."

So this is it guys! Btw, I forgot to mention that our teacher told us to make a Shakesperean Sonnet, so this poem I made is exactly what I mentioned. If your wondering what a Shakesperean Sonnet is, just search it, cuz it's very long to explain............

Anyway so please leave a comment! Was this a good or a bad poem on your opinion? I'm open to criticism guys. And also I know that there are other poem makers in this wiki; some of which are probably better at making poems than me, so to those people, also leave a comment please, cuz I know that there are other ways to improve this poem. :)))

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