This page shows(hopefully) any special thing about my FanFic that is not mentioned in any of the MH games

New status effects

Acid:Decreases the monsters defense for a set amount of time(ranging from 1 to 5 minutes);

Tranqilizing: inflicted by tranq bombs and some new weapons, now aditional to capturing a monster it has a chance of stopping its rage mode, reverting it back to normal

New weapon abilities:

Dual Blades:

there different demonisation-modes, mentioned like a gunlances shelling type and have different effects:

Power demonisation: this is our classic, red glowing demonisation we all already know

Elemental demonisation: your blades start to glow blue and the -30% elemental penalty on dual blades is removed in this state

Status demonisation: a yellow glowing blade. In this state, every attack will be a status hit.


like with duals, there are now Greatswords that charge up their elemental or status power instead of their raw power

the horizontal slash now can be charged, resulting in a tornado like swing(resembling the one of the hammer).


Some of those now have rapid fire(like the light bowgun)


like with DS and GS before, your spirit bar can have different effect, either raw, status or element boosts


New coatings:

element coating, increases elemental power by 50%, 50 shots; combinded from empty bottle+kirin horn or lagiacrus-dung

flash coating, arrow acts as a flash bomb, well not always....,20 shots ;combined from emty bottle an flash powder(flashbug+catalyst)

sonic coating, arrow acts as a sonic bomb, most of the time....,20 shots;combinded from empty bottle and sonic bomb

Fatigue coating: decreasing a monsters stamina (Like in MH3),25shots;combined from empty bottle and dung

Acid coating: inflicts the Acid status effect,20 shots;combined from empty bottle and acidshroom


new ammo:

Flash S, works like a flash bomb, 5 shots, combinded from small bone hunsk and flash powder

Acid S lv1: inflichts the acid status, 12 shots, combined from huskberry and acidshroom

Acid S lv2: inflitcts even stronger the acid status, 8 shots, combined from large bone husk and acid arrowana

Heavy bowgun:

Special ability: Charged Fire:

depending on your bowgun, special kinds of ammo(like with rapid fire at ligth bowgun) need longer time to charge up(around 3 seconds) but deal alot more damage


your light kirin bowgun has rapid fire clust S, shooting 2 shots for 1 shell.

your heavy kirin bowgun has Charged Fire clust S, shooting only 3 seconds after you pulled the trigger, but shooting a much more powerful projectile.


the hammer is now able of a ranged attack, by flinging it into the ground and launching a small piece of earth(rock, snow,sand,mud, whatever you are standing on.)

this attack is not very powerful, but is an option in some cases.

New weapons:

Sharpness levels after purple: black, brown, azure, silver



Name Raw Element/Status Affinity Max. Sharpness(+1,+2,+3) Slots Upgraded from: Material Spirit Mode Horrible Kruscher 1800 100 Dragon, +4 defense
purple(black,more black, even more black) 2 Dragonwood LS

5x Heavenly Lao-shan Scale,

5x Fatalis evil eye

5x Big Elder-Dragon Jewel




2500 200 dragon, +8 defense
Black(more black, Brown, azure)

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