tell me about your experiences with Piggies magical powers.

heres mine;

well, i tried rubbing piggie, because i needed a rathalos plate to upgrade my longsword. but i couldnt do the rathalos cause of the lack of people. so i went on a high rank rathian quest and i got a rathian ruby. here is the way to get the rarest drop from a monster guaranteed. first, go to the moga farm or wherever pggie is. snuggle with him until a red exclamation mark shows up overhead. as soon as you see the exclamation mark, press the a button(on the Wiimote) and you'll get a heart from piggie. after that, piggie will follow you(on offline mode only) until you leave on a quest. after that, hunt the monster u desire, and you'll get the item with the lowest drop rate, guaranteed. i tried it and it works every time.( note that piggie ojn online mode is found in your room in the lodging street) Hoohah 07:41, August 5, 2010 (UTC)

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