I'm probably sure that this has been discussed countless times, yet I wish to leave my little opinion on a post. (Sorry if this bothers someone).

I know some people want a Gobul sub, and I do too. I for one, do not want a poisonous Gobul sub. If there is to be a subspecies of it, I say it should be a sleep status one. I don't have anything against a poison sub, but this seems a little more out of the ordinary. Another thing I want to point is the location of this desired subspecies. I've read around that they want a desertic sub, others want a tundran one, but those jobs are already taken by Hapurobokka and Ice Agnaktor. I suggest that our little gobbler sub is left in the Flooded Forest and/or moved to Deserted Island. Why the island? Well if the carapaceons do not reappear, then we'd only have about 4 (counting Plesioth Sub if it does comeback) monsters that would be on water combat. Also, as I stated before in MH3G discussion, we need more sleep weapons that arent just Great Baggi's Lance, Sword and Shield.

I've collected some "data" and people have different colorations for it. Which do you think could it be, if it were to happen? Or do you think that'll be something else?

Poll:What color do you think?

I might have another thing to say, but I must've forgotten. Please continue with your daily lives and have a pleasent day ^^

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