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    Thought on a Gobul Sub

    October 27, 2011 by Hentai Joey

    I'm probably sure that this has been discussed countless times, yet I wish to leave my little opinion on a post. (Sorry if this bothers someone).

    I know some people want a Gobul sub, and I do too. I for one, do not want a poisonous Gobul sub. If there is to be a subspecies of it, I say it should be a sleep status one. I don't have anything against a poison sub, but this seems a little more out of the ordinary. Another thing I want to point is the location of this desired subspecies. I've read around that they want a desertic sub, others want a tundran one, but those jobs are already taken by Hapurobokka and Ice Agnaktor. I suggest that our little gobbler sub is left in the Flooded Forest and/or moved to Deserted Island. Why the island? Well…

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  • Hentai Joey

    Yeah... I got a way to finally get what I play on my laptop (remotejoy), but I tried using camtasia for recording and it skips a couple of frames. It looks so worthless that it makes me dizzy, seriously.

    Anyone know how to work with these two progs? Or are there better ways to do it without sacrificing a lot of the quality.

    (P.S. Sorta like Azurstarstone's vid. They look normal, but they don't skip or lag.)

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  • Hentai Joey

    Err yeah, I added those little crown symbols for size from MHP3rd ( , ). You know, for the monsters from MHP3rd... Yet I'm afraid these might get on your nerves and piss you off. So to the higher ops and the other users around, if those little crowns mess you up, let me know. I'll delete them.

    See ya around.

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  • Hentai Joey

    Ok, the thing is, I downloaded the quest, but I can't join it -.-

    This is getting annoying. I "read" on the description somthing about HR4. Since I don't know any japanese, I thought it was to clear every stinking HR4 quest...But nope.

    So what do I have to do to start that dang quest?!

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