Today, I am stariting to show you the life of an (n00b) Lance Hunter, and how hard it is to get every carves.

Actually, my HR is 19, and I am still using an Spiral Lance +, but my wish is to have an Shadow Javelin (every help is wanted), but I do not have the HR to get the Wyvern Stone, so it is ok for now.

My armor set?

-Barroth Helm

-Lagiacrus Mail

-Lagiacrus Vambraces

-Barroth Faulds

-Lagiacrus Greaves

I now, it is better to have the full set, but my strongest full set is Baggi, so...

Well, that is it. Any comments can be usefull, so, if you want to help me, my code is 23A2RD. See ya!

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