How are you?

It's sometime since I last posted something, so, at least, I can tell you: I'm not the same noob anymore!

"What? Mr Drill is not a noob?" you ask me, and I answer: No, I'm not since I got some new equipments.

Actually, my HR is 26, and I'm using a full Lagiacrus set. The best comes in form of weapons: between the many powerfull ones I got, there are the Acrus Lance and Tenebra. Yeah, the dark-cool-looking Long Sword.

My next objective is to have a full Rathaloss gunner set, and yours?

Now, and don't need (many) help. Instead of it, I teach noobs (like my 8 years-old brother).

Well, got to go. If you read it (what I doubt), post a comment (what I doubt, again)...

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