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Hello MonsterHunter WIKI ,

Heltrato October 29, 2013 User blog:Heltrato

Hey Guys 

Let me introduced myself :D ,

RealName: Jayrol Rante

A.K.A : Heltrato

I've been playing Monster Hunter over 5 yrs up until now =3 . 

Playing MH has been my ultimately hobby for my past years , Well MH is really a different gameplay unlike the others.

Right now my PSP has been burrowed my cousin in Alberta and will return in 3 months . 

So i was gonna ask if you can please record some monsters voice like the Prey's voice for my upcoming video collage of the MH , well im making it actually a NatGeo style =3 not a cinematic just a video.

So yeah thanks for reading this blog and have a nice day Hunters =3

Former HR9 Blader :)

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