I was playing MHFU and trying to complete the high rank white fatalis download quest The big daddy. And I can't do it no matter what!

I am HR9, but haven't unlocked Ukanlos yet. I've already killed black and crimson fatalises. I'm using Cenataur Z armor, gemmed for Reckless abandon +2, Sharpness +1, Sharp sword and defense -30.

I've tried killing him with popcorn gunlance (the G-rank one), juggernaut, narga longsword (the G-rank one), Akantor bow (the high rank one) and eternal sacrifice.

My best try was with eternal sacrifice. I got him to armor mode in about 15 minutes then fought him until I had just 10 minutes left, then he killed me. I broke his horns and chest. I was using a bomber cat with large barrel bomb, bomb strength up and earplug. I wasn't using any bombs, because I was told that armor mode doesn't affect element, which is the main strength of eternal sacrifice.

I've checked other pages for tactics, but none seems to work for me. That white fatalis is one overpowered bastard!

Please help!

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