• I live in Slovenia
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is gaming
  • I am Batman!
  • HellWolf

    So, I live in Slovenia, a small country on the east border of Italy, and I was wondering if anyone else does. I want to meet another dedicated hunter so bad! All my friends are noobs and don't want to play the game, and I don't have a single online monster hunter game. So anyone, and I mean anyone,  living in Slovenia, please respond!

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  • HellWolf


    April 29, 2013 by HellWolf

    I was playing MHFU and trying to complete the high rank white fatalis download quest The big daddy. And I can't do it no matter what!

    I am HR9, but haven't unlocked Ukanlos yet. I've already killed black and crimson fatalises. I'm using Cenataur Z armor, gemmed for Reckless abandon +2, Sharpness +1, Sharp sword and defense -30.

    I've tried killing him with popcorn gunlance (the G-rank one), juggernaut, narga longsword (the G-rank one), Akantor bow (the high rank one) and eternal sacrifice.

    My best try was with eternal sacrifice. I got him to armor mode in about 15 minutes then fought him until I had just 10 minutes left, then he killed me. I broke his horns and chest. I was using a bomber cat with large barrel bomb, bomb strength up and earplu…

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