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  • Hammer girl

    Name that clan!

    March 6, 2011 by Hammer girl

    sooo... you might have heard that i have a clan but there's just one problem, we don't have a name! i've had a couple of suggestions but i'm starting to get sick of calling us 'the clan with no name'. if we had a name i could help set up a clan blog, home page and all. if you're in my clan, want to be in my clan,in another clan or are looking around wiki and found this page i want your help. i will keep this blog open for suggestions for now but in a few days i will set up a poll of the suggested names and you can vote.

    the suggestions i've got so far are:

    • "order of the eternal dragons" (suggested by Ninjaofshadow)
    • "elementals" (suggested by Blarst)
    • "Dukes of Ice and Fire" (suggested by Tigrexslayer12)
    • "blade" (suggested by Blademaster00)

    and cou…

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  • Hammer girl

    my friends HR challange

    January 31, 2011 by Hammer girl

    My best friend is sooo jelous of my hunter rank that he has set a challange for me! I need to reach HR 50 in to weeks or I will look so stupid it isn't funny! my freind is one year younger than me and is such a sore loser (he is also HR 7). i need to win this bet, so any body out there on monster hunter tri online that can help me? this will be easy with your help! help me wipe that smug little look off my friends face! get back to me when u can, c u L8r!!! : ) i need you too leave me your id code or atlest have it on your profile.

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  • Hammer girl

    Barioth reminds me of myself (apart from being easy 2 slay). Barioth is an awesome monster. I love him! he is such a swift hunter and his movements r graceful and deadly. a rookie won't last 2 mins with this bad boy on their tail. who else loves barioth(or any other monster)? what monster do u like? some times i compear people like teachers or freinds 2 monsters (sometimes my sister is like a I can't wait 2 hear from u guys!

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  • Hammer girl
    gigginox lays eggs and uragaan farts. who do u think is grosser? or mayby u have a different monster who gives u the creeps. i would love 2 hear from u guys.also check out my other blogs.not tyring 2 be Read more >
  • Hammer girl

    any tips for this big guy?

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