• Green darkness

    The Decisive Winds

    December 22, 2010 by Green darkness

    Wooh! Finally got around to uploading this.So , lately there have a been a lot of new fan-fics. So what do I do? I upload my own fan-fic! I hope you like it!

    Solan's hair ruffled in the breeze. It was a windy day in Gota Village. Such windy days were uncommon and unusual in the village, but Solan took small pleasure in it. It was a minor, but nice change to his now rather monotonous life. Solan was your average "amazing" hunter. He had done just about everything there was for him to do as a hunter. And now, he was bored. He had done all of the guild's quests, and the village now rarely had many quests for him to do- and when they did, they were mind-numbingly easy.

    Solan sighed, and slumped down onto a stool outside his house in the village. I …

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  • Green darkness

    Acting noobish?

    October 27, 2010 by Green darkness

    We all hate noobs, that's for sure. But we aren't perfect, unfortunately. I'm sure at least most of us have acted noobish before. I don't just mean something like not knowing what to do on your first Jhen quest, we all do that. But if you just started acting like a noob.

    As for me, I can recall one main incident in which I acted real noobish. I had finished a quest, probably Jho, and no one was in the city. I was kinda in a bad mood, and I didn't really feel like playing, or at least not like fighting Jho, but, either way I found a Jho city, since I figured it'd be good to keep trying to get a gem, and we did the sandy plains quest. I ended up dying real fast, so I got mad, said f this, and abandoned. After I got back to the city, and one …

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