Hey, everyone, I just thought that since I collect different figures, I would go ahead and make a blog keeping a detailed list of Monster Hunter figures. If you have a suggestion for a figure to be added, go ahead and leave a comment detailing me with everything you know about the figure, and I'll see if I can add it in. Right now, I'll start small with the latest releases.

Where Can I Buy These?

Japanese import stores. They ship internationally. Don't ask questions in the comments about how to pay and the like, just check their FAQ. Basically, you need a major credit card OR PayPal.

Just search in the search bar for the item, and you should find them. You may need to put in the Japanese Romanization of the monster on some sites.

Amiami -
Hobby Link Japan -
Hobby Search -
Mandarake: *NOTE* You need to enter the name in Japanese in order to find the figure you're looking for. Also, note they only sell used items.

***!!!WARNING!!!*** Mandarake may contain NSFW content depending on the settings you choose for the site and what you search. Use at your own risk.

Kaiyodo (Revoltech)


Price: ~3690 JPY (~$46 at the time of posting)
Release Date: July 14th, 2012
Preorder start date: May 15th, 2012
Comes with: Small hunter in scale with Rathalos, severed tail effects parts, fireball, and Revoltech stand.

Soft material used large wings to be posed in the way you like it! From the super title "Monster Hunter" comes the king of the skies, Rathalos as a Revoltech! The 285mm wide wings has been made using soft material and it can be bent and folded! Joints has been used on the body and it can be posed as well. The mouth can be opened and closed, and its tongue can also be moved enabling you for wide variety of posing! Same scaled hunter figure is included in the set and you can enjoy recreating the scenes from the game. - Credit to Amiami




I'm king of the skies!


Comes with a hunter and severed tail to make cool scenes!


For size comparison. Wingspan is ~11", and head to tail is ~8"

You 2000 k-img600x450-1341825474jhoc4g31821

It's my 'Los in a box, girl~♪♫♪

Rathalos Subspecies

Identical to the normal release in every aspect, except it's blue. And exclusive. If you want it, stalk Amiami or Mandarake.

Revoltech Powershop Exclusive.

FIG-IPN-4238 05

I'm blue, da ba de dabba die...

399538 453858461315452 985712480 n

Final product. Colors fixed!

Hunter Swordsman Rathalos

Price: 3480 JPY (~$44 at the time of posting)
Release date: September 15th, 2012
Preorder start date: July 13th, 201
Extras: Rathalos Firesword G (Great Sword), Blazing Falchion (Sword & Shield) set, optional hand part x 6, effect base, display stand & extension part

Let's get hunting!


GS Smash!


Srs bidnez



Hunter Swordsman Azure Rathalos

Similar to the Azure Los, this is a Revoltech Powershop exclusive that is NOW SOLD OUT.

Once again, aside from color and production run, there is no difference between this and the normal armor.


Hehe, I get a blue sword...


3....2...1.... GOTCHA



Good Smile Company (Nendoroid)

Hunter: Male Swordsman Lagia X Edition

Price: ~3680 JPY
Release: Late November 2012
Preoder Start: Late July 2012
Extras: Lagiacrus Great Sword and stand
FIG-IPN-4731 01

Little dude holdin' a sword

Gsc nendoroid hunter05

The most dangerous game... (Lagi statue not included)

Ruuuuuuun from rathalos

RRRRUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN (Rahtalos statue not included)

Female Barioth Hunter

Info: She was just announced.

Coming soon!

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