• GreenAiden555

    If you are in Northeast, OH, and you would like to find people to hunt with, go ahead and join this facebook group so we can get some hunts going!

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  • GreenAiden555

    Hey, everyone, I just thought that since I collect different figures, I would go ahead and make a blog keeping a detailed list of Monster Hunter figures. If you have a suggestion for a figure to be added, go ahead and leave a comment detailing me with everything you know about the figure, and I'll see if I can add it in. Right now, I'll start small with the latest releases.

    Japanese import stores. They ship internationally. Don't ask questions in the comments about how to pay and the like, just check their FAQ. Basically, you need a major credit card OR PayPal.

    Just search in the search bar for the item, and you should find them. You may need to put in the Japanese Romanization of the monster on some sites.

    Amiami -

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