This Brute has the ability to use electricity.It inhabits swamps and the Flooded Forest,and occasionaly D.Island.It has a hard metalic grey scales that cover its body.When enraged it glows a bright yellow and blue electricity surrounds its body.It has large spines on its back that it uses to launch balls of electricity,but when its spines are broken loses this ability.It has a mase like tail and has spikes on the underside of its tail.The breakable parts on it are its head,back spines twice(first the largest two are broken,and electric powers are weakend,second all spines are broken and can not use electric powers),arms.hind legs,ant tail can be severd.They mainly eat minirals and plants.

This was going to be the the flagship contest monster but I desided not to make it that

They are weakest to fire then ice,and water.The first quest this monster is available in is "The Brewing Storm".The weapons this monster's parts can be used to make are a great sword,lance,gunlance,hammer,sword & shield,dual swords,and finally a bow.GreatHunter 23:43, May 12, 2011 (UTC) I now do requests!

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