Gojoros is a recently discoverd wyvern living in the Forbidden Lands.It has been terrorising the Kage Village by feasting on the livestock and setting buildings ablaze.They are slightly smaller thas a Gravios and prey on Aptonoth,Mosswine,Gagua,Norieum,Dinoprey,and other large monsters.They can breath fire and blast in ball form.They have a large red horn on their thorny head.Their jaws are strong enough to crushthe metalic hide of Brontrex.Gojoros posess a toxin in their talons that reduces stamnia.They have large wings to help it fly long distances.Their tails are covered in spikes that can deliver a deadly hit.These monsters where once thought to have ben wiped out completly,for they where used as weapons of war.They where discoverd in the Forbidden Lands after the village was founded,by a group of young hunters.Their head,chest,wings,back,hind legs,and tail can be broken.Tail can be severd after scared.When enraged thry will have flames spewing flames out of its mouth.They are also known as Devils of the Sky.They first appear in 3* quests,but they are finaly fought in 5* urgent quest The "Devil of the Sky".They have a weapon in erevy catagory.

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There's a link to Brontrex

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