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Elder Dragon Observatory Files:Into the Forbidden Lands

The Forbidden Lands are a place like most others but with a few unique areas.

Areas:Places you are able to go to in the Forbidden Lands.

Dark Forest:A forest that holds many perials.Hunters Beware...

Dark Forest Tree:The largest tree in the Dark Forest.

Great Casam:A giant gorge that many unique monsters inhabit.This place is still being explored.

Costal Marsh:The closest place to the Kage Village.Village hunters usually begin their training here.

Volcano(4th):A place with extreme heat and dangerous monsters.Sometimes this volcano erupts during quests.

Frozen Plains:This is a land full of ice and snow,but dose get warmer during the summer.Only hardy monsters can inhabit this land.

Old Mountain Summit:A mountain shrouded in fog.This place has two camps,but one was destroyed by a mysterious beast...

Savanah:A place that is hot during the day and warm during the night.The tall grass hides many predators,But the most famous in this area are fanged wyverns.

Lagoon:A place that is known for rest and relaxation,but it holds some deadly monsters.

Ship:A battle ship desinged to fight fully aquatic monsters and an Elder Dragon.

Road:A road that takes hunters to various places.Now they are under attack by various monsters.

Aird Canyon:A place that has a large number of cliffs.Below these cliffs is a vast desert.

Hunter's Soul Battle Ship:A large Airship buit by the Guild to defend the village from a dangerous and mysterious Elder Dragon.

Forgotten Town:When this town was still inhabitable it was a great place for hunters to stay and stock up on supplys,But when monsters attacked the town it was left in ruins.

Undergrove Swamps:This place has various types of monsters.This is an exelent place to get rare plants.

New Monsters


Neopteron:Bepatal/Vaspoi/Queen Vaspoi/Anyou

Lynian:Golem/Golem Lord/Mokoloko/King Mokoloko

Theropod Bird Wyvern:Dinoprey/Dinodrome/Armaprey/Armadrome/Venoprey/Venodrome

Bird Wyvern:Promvoe/Sperrit/Fethros/Belemos(chameleon bird wyvern)/Teneotmis


Flying Wyvern:Gojoros/Bereomous/Teroprey/Terodrome/Itimeous/Deleros/Tojomba


Brute Wyvern:Brontrex/Tyranniou/Blancious

Fanged Wyvern:Lashrad/Moiru/Hiend/Helliour

Plscine Wvvern:Dofon/Mantar


Elder Dragon:Fearous/Delastimyu/Keryuim

New Weapons Types

Whip:A weapon that can hit monsters from short to medium range. This weapon cannot block.

Hunting Flute:A weapon similar to a long sword but can play music.They cannot block attacks.

Battle Gauntlet:A close range weapon that is very powerful when charged.They can block and counter attacks


These small monsters can be a nusense when fighting other monsters but are the first actual monster you would fight.They have a crocidilian like head,paddle shaped tail and a fin on their back.They have a pack leader called a Dinodeome.These monsters have the ability to swim and can blast a jet of water at their enemies.


The leader of a Dinoprey pack.They are a normal monster around the Kage Village,but can also be found in other areas.They have a paddle like tail and a chin spike that can be broken.They can swim and shoot a jet of water like their smaller counterparts.


These monsters are more armored than other


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