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  • GreatHunter

    The Forbidden Lands are a place like most others but with a few unique areas.

    Areas:Places you are able to go to in the Forbidden Lands.

    Dark Forest:A forest that holds many perials.Hunters Beware...

    Dark Forest Tree:The largest tree in the Dark Forest.

    Great Casam:A giant gorge that many unique monsters inhabit.This place is still being explored.

    Costal Marsh:The closest place to the Kage Village.Village hunters usually begin their training here.

    Volcano(4th):A place with extreme heat and dangerous monsters.Sometimes this volcano erupts during quests.

    Frozen Plains:This is a land full of ice and snow,but dose get warmer during the summer.Only hardy monsters can inhabit this land.

    Old Mountain Summit:A mountain shrouded in fog.This place has two c…

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  • GreatHunter

    Gojoros is a recently discoverd wyvern living in the Forbidden Lands.It has been terrorising the Kage Village by feasting on the livestock and setting buildings ablaze.They are slightly smaller thas a Gravios and prey on Aptonoth,Mosswine,Gagua,Norieum,Dinoprey,and other large monsters.They can breath fire and blast in ball form.They have a large red horn on their thorny head.Their jaws are strong enough to crushthe metalic hide of Brontrex.Gojoros posess a toxin in their talons that reduces stamnia.They have large wings to help it fly long distances.Their tails are covered in spikes that can deliver a deadly hit.These monsters where once thought to have ben wiped out completly,for they where used as weapons of war.They where discoverd in …

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  • GreatHunter

    This Brute has the ability to use electricity.It inhabits swamps and the Flooded Forest,and occasionaly D.Island.It has a hard metalic grey scales that cover its body.When enraged it glows a bright yellow and blue electricity surrounds its body.It has large spines on its back that it uses to launch balls of electricity,but when its spines are broken loses this ability.It has a mase like tail and has spikes on the underside of its tail.The breakable parts on it are its head,back spines twice(first the largest two are broken,and electric powers are weakend,second all spines are broken and can not use electric powers),arms.hind legs,ant tail can be severd.They mainly eat minirals and plants. They are weakest to fire then ice,and water.The fir…

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  • GreatHunter

    Hello all,well I need some help fighting the Lao Shan Lung.I need alot of help with this.If anyone can and be willing to help I thank you.This is on Freedom Unite.Please Help.If anyone cane help post a commet.Thank you.

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  • GreatHunter

    Help on Freedom 2

    March 26, 2011 by GreatHunter

    Hello, Well I need help with some quests.If anyone has this game and id a wikia member please respond.
    I am usually on from 9:00a.m to 1:00p.m,and 3:00p.m to 9:30p.m

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