Note that the parenthesis denote the jewels. I will also double check my numbers, I just made this set tonight.

Gun: Jhen Stock, Rathaling+ Frame, Jhen Barrel (Shield Jewel x 2)
Helm: Uragaan Cap + (Clust Up or Crag Up)
Torso: Uragaan Vest + (Clust Up or Crag Up)
Arms: Ingot + (Turtle Jewel and (Clust Up or Crag Up))
Waist: Uragaan Belt + (Shield Jewel)
Legs: Ingot + (Defense Jewel)
Charm: Queen's Charm (Clust Up or Crag Up)
-note: I have two charms with one slot, +6 to Crag Up or +6 Clust Up, and +3 to Gaurd Up.

Defense with Armorcharm and Talon is 229

Fire +11
Water -14
Ice -1
Thunder +9
Dragon -2

Skills Active:
Recoil + 3
Defense Increase (s)
Gaurd Up
Crag Lv1 up or Clust Lv1 up

This can easily be tweaked to give all levels of Cluster or Crag with a different charm or foresaking Gaurd up or the Defense Increase. or at the same time it can be tweaked for Gaurd +2 or Defense Increase (L). Though I don't tend to over do the tank gunner aspect too much.

I'll post variations depending on the charms I find.

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