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MHFU super utilitarian gunner set

Any bow or bowgun can by used with this set. Though I prefer using Genie's Lamp, Quickcaster, Prosperity, Mystic Threehorn, or Ten Thousand Volts.

Helm: Chaos Shroom
Torso: Lava Vest X (More guts Jewel and Guts Jewel)
Gauntlets: Kirin Gloves X (Divine Protection Jewel and Guts Jewel)
Tasset:Kirin Shorts (Divine Protection Jewel x 2)
Legs: Gravios Leggings Z (More Guts Jewel)

Divine Protection
Element Attack Up
Status Attack Up
Fire 13
Water 10
Thunder 19
Ice 8
Dragon 4

Overall a good set. You could trade Divine protection for Defense +30 or Tweak in Evasion or Reload Speed +1. It's got a lot a slots, but I built the set to compliment groups and be pretty versitile. As this set is about carrying the right ammo for the monster without having to overspecialize an armor.

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